The most beautiful hikes with your dog around the Ritzlerhof


Hiking is a wonderfully gentle sport. Entirely in keeping with theme of selfness, wellness for oneself, bringing the body, mind and soul back into harmony. Active nature enthusiasts and their four-legged friends alike will be in their element together on tour around the Ritzlerhof.

Lisi recommends three favourite hikes that dogs and their masters can take around the Ritzlerhof. More excursion tips for you and your dog can be obtained from our team at reception.

  • Circular hike around Tyrol’s largest waterfall, the Stuibenfall. This moderate hike begins in Niederthai, Tauferberg and lasts approx. 3 hours – 300 meters in height (Hm).
  • Beautiful hike with alpine character up to the Schweinfurter hut at 2,034 Hm. Duration approx. 4 hours at 500 Hm.
  • Picturesque hike into the Gras Valley and then on to Brand (duration approx. 5 hours with 750 Hm), or to the Larstigalm lodge (approx. 3 hours with 300 Hm).

Check-list for hiking with dogs

  • Gather information about your chosen route in advance: How long and how challenging is the route? Will my dog take this? Are dogs allowed?
  • Identify your dog: Your dog should be micro-chipped and wear a tag when out and about just in case you lose sight of them.
  • It's better to use a harness instead of a simple collar for alpine hiking. This is just to make sure that you keep hold of your dog in the event they might slip.
  • Often signs on Austrian hiking trails remind dog-walkers to keep their dogs on a leash, respect this.
  • You should always keep a first aid kit for dogs with bandaging materials and paw protection in your rucksack.
  • Don’t forget treats and biscuits for your journey. This keeps your loved one happy.
  • We recommend you check for ticks after hiking.

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