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Selfness is the melody that rings throughout the Ritzlerhof. A fine wellness package, energizing landscapes, fresh cuisine and a positive ambience are the sounds. Between these you can expect esteem, tolerance and positive thinking. Do yourself some good! Experience a conscious voyage to inner-peace where you find space for yourself.

The columns of the “Selfness” philosophy


… in day-to-day interaction

We familiarize our staff with the concept and the methods of our “Selfness philosophy” – such as positive thinking and mental training – in the form of individual coaching sessions and seminars. Selfness, tolerance and inner balance are steeped in the way we deal with guests and in the day-to-day running of our hotel.

... in the fresh cuisine

We consciously focus on locality with our food and do not serve any convenience products “off the shelf”. Our menus are seasonally selected so that dishes are always freshly prepared. Good food keeps the body and soul together. We also want our guests to experience this appreciation of high-quality cuisine.

... when getting-together in beautiful places in and around the hotel

Guests get to know each other. Friendships grow. Fond memories are created that will resonate forever. We celebrate togetherness at the Ritzlerhof in our "Hoangarten" bar, in both our restaurants and all the cosy places around our hotel.

... in the rooms

Your space to dream in: All rooms and suites are equipped with high-quality materials, relaxation CD including playback device and some with private sauna area for even more "Me-time".

… with wellness

Attractive wellness packages also play a key role in our holistic selfness concept, which strives for well-being for the body, mind and soul – our fragranced relaxation room with pine ceiling lowers the heart rate and is a haven of pure tranquillity.

Selfness Treatments

Treat yourself to a very special experience - whether it's hypnosis health prevention, guided dream travel or progressive muscle relaxation - feel-good treatments that last long after your vacation. Please note that these treatements are only available in German.


From the mindfulness massage to the indulgence massage with homemade herbal stamps, Chakra Healing and AccessBars therapy - the professional SPA staff will provide you with treatments that only exist in the Ritzlerhof - for lasting rest and relaxation.

Packages for you

from EUR
per room for standard occupancy
Winter Midweek-Spa-Special
3 nights’ accommodation 14.12.2019 - 22.03.2020

Ritzlerhof Winter Wellness Special with two treatments to choose from

Selfness Hotel Ritzlerhof

Selfness involves dealing with your own body, mind and soul to obtain a new “Self-empowerment” and better “Knowledge about yourself". While wellness is limited to "this is doing me good", selfness goes one step further with "this is developing me further". Selfness is more than just temporary relaxation, more than mere “Self-pampering". It is the continuing positive further development of one's personality, by consciously making time for the most important thing: yourself!

The term "Selfness" was developed by futurologist Matthias Horx. He is convinced that the term "wellness" will undergo further development in the years ahead. After all, the aspect of mental relaxation is becoming increasingly significant in these hectic times. The Ritzlerhof follows this path of holistic recuperation and self-awareness, without forgetting being active, with its philosophy and holiday packages …

Our Selfness Specials

Personality training

imaginary journey

Meditative painting


Personality training

We teach the guest to gain a greater insight into themselves with individual coaching sessions or group seminars. The pressure to perform these days is causing more and more people to fall into a mental imbalance. Relaxation is not only sought in physical form, as with wellness, but also mentally too. We take you on voyage of restoration to your inner-self during your holiday with our weekly program and selected seminars.

Imaginary journey

Our executive manager and trained mental coach Anne Marti-Leu accompanies you on a dream journey of self-discovery.

Meditative painting

Painting mandalas seems to be all the rage currently. Justifiably too. Because colouring images can be a wonderful way of relieving stress while being thoroughly relaxing at the same time. It also brings much fun and happiness.


The Ritzlerhof provides a multitude of possibilities for sustainable relaxation and to apply such techniques in day-to-day life. Selfness with top-class relaxation training & yoga as part of our complimentary activity program.

… with wellness

Attractive wellness packages also play a key role in our holistic selfness concept, which strives for well-being for the body, mind and soul – our fragranced relaxation room with Swiss-stone pine ceiling lowers the heart rate and is a haven of pure tranquillity.

„Pure relaxation!”

You are culinary indulged to the highest level at the Ritzlerhof. The wellness oasis and the wonderful ambience in and around the hotel give you a reason to linger. A place to relax and unwind. “The hotel is somewhat secluded. And this is why it stands out for me. Pure relaxation. Since I came in summer, I was able to really enjoy the hotel surroundings (garden, pool, countryside, terrace, hiking trails etc.). Simply brilliant!”

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