Soothing wellness treatments and natural cosmetics from Tyrol


Only the best from Mother Nature herself. Soothing wellness applications & professional cosmetic treatments combined with products from our partners “Gertraud Gruber Cosmetics” and “Alpienne – Power of the Alps” promise sensual stimulus for the mind and body.


Exquisite natural cosmetics from the Tyrolean Pitz Valley.

The purely natural cosmetic and feel-good products from the Tyrolean bio-cosmetic label “Alpienne” provide a touch of 100% pure nature. All the herbs and holistic plant products used by Alpienne are harvested and prepared by hand, in their natural surroundings, to ensure the treasures of nature are kept pure. You are therefore ensured that you and your body are only treated with the best that nature has to offer. The special “Alpienne” formulations unite knowledge from old Tyrolean culture with the latest research. And combine this with an authentic world of well-being, health and relaxation that we would love you to be a part of in our hotel.

For us, the approach taken by “Alpienne” fits perfectly with our Ritzlerhof “Selfness concept”: On the one hand, production is undertaken in the Pitz Valley, only 30 km away from the Ritzlerhof and on the other hand, the company is personally run by the Schuler family, who place the highest value on quality, regionality and authenticity.

Gertraud Gruber Cosmetics

To consider the person as a whole and the knowledge of the close connection between the outer appearance of a person and their inner being are two components that are as old as our thoughts, yet as current as ever in contemporary wellness. If genuine beauty comes from inner harmony, the symmetry of the body, mind and soul, then you cannot simply stop on the outside with beauty care. You have to do more. Gertraud Gruber is considered a pioneer of the wellness movement. Her concept of developing holistic cosmetics, which not only enhance beauty on the outside, but also strengthen radiance on the inside, was and is revolutionary.

This pioneering spirit and holistic approach is what makes the Gertraud Gruber brand a perfect partner for the Adult & Selfness Hotel Ritzlerhof.

Wellness brochure Ritzlerhof -
Cosmetic and massage treatments

Take a look at our new wellness brochure and find the right treatments for your stay.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our reception. You can view the brochure online or download it as a PDF (german).

Please book your wellness dates well in advance of your stay with us ...


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