L'endroit où les adultes passent leurs vacances dans le Tyrol


L'endroit où les adultes passent leurs vacances dans le Tyrol


L'endroit où les adultes passent leurs vacances dans le Tyrol


L'endroit où les adultes passent leurs vacances dans le Tyrol


Where adults spend their holiday


Nature, Indulgence & Me-time - That’s a summer holiday in the Ötz Valley.

Where a summer resort knows no bounds: Welcome to the “selfness” & adult-only hotel Ritzlerhof.

The first rays of sunshine are streaming through the window and bathing the Acherkogel in a fabulous rosy dawn. Shallow lakeshores and stunning mountain scenery make you forget about the world for a moment. Summer is calling and your soul answers softly. Nestled between deep forests, broad meadows and infinite expanses of sky. Here the picturesque village of Sautens opens the door to an extraordinary place. With the most memorable holiday moments, rugged and romantic places of regeneration, breathing space for the soul and the wonderful feeling that these days in the Ötz Valley will turn out to be something really special. You have found it. Yourself, you own personal summer in the mountains and your precious time out in the selfness and adult-only hotel Ritzlerhof.

From the first step to the last crank revolution

When explorers and bikers enjoy the summer together, the days in the Ötz Valley hiking hotel are unforgettable.

Relaxed casual hikers, passionate mountaineers, ambitious bikers - they will all find their most beautiful route into the countryside at the Ritzlerhof hiking hotel in Tyrol.

The feeling of elation is so close: Experience magical hiking moments in the Ötz Valley

These hiking trails will not only take you to the most beautiful places in the Ötz Valley, but they will also find a way into your heart. Past sparkling white-water and picturesque mountain huts, high above the Ötz Valley at eye level with the towering three thousand metre peaks you will discover a broad perspective and relaxation. When you are at one with yourself, you feel the power of silence. Discover this impressive mountain scenery with body and soul. Feel at home. Set out on a trip to the summit of the Acherkogel, experience the wild romanticism of the breathtaking nature on a hike to Lake Piburg and enjoy the Ötz Valley from a fresh, new perspective.

Always sitting firmly in the saddle: Biking in the Ötz Valley is all about reaching for heights and highlights.

Bikes and mountains are not just an unbeatable combination but a long-standing tradition here in the Ötz Valley. Away from everyday life, where roads end and adventure begins for two-wheel enthusiasts, you can get into gear and experience nature in its purest form. On enjoyable cycling tours, almost innumerable cycle paths and heavenly mountain trails, you cycle through delightful villages, past crystal clear rivers and idyllic landscapes to your own personal successful ascent. Time to recharge your batteries, linger and enjoy has been important at the selfness & adult-only hotel Ritzlerhof. After all, with us you’ll enjoy not only elevation gains but above all unforgettable memories!

Everything you need for your feel-good moments!

Le Ritzlerhof – un hôtel aussi sophistiqué, polyvalent et individuel que ses clients

"Vivre le calme" c´est la devise de notre hôtel 4 étoiles supérieur pour adultes dans l'Ötztal. Au Ritzlerhof, nous accueillons des clients de 12 ans. Notre hôtel ne compte que 45 chambres, de la chambre double spacieuse à la suite principale avec sauna.



Selfness & Yoga


45 chambres pour se sentir bien

Nos chambres et suites dégagent une atmosphère de bien-être sincère et de détente. Vous avez le choix entre 16 catégories de chambres, toutes avec vue sur la nature et les montagnes. Des matériaux nobles tels que le pin, le loden, les pierres, le verre et des détails soigneusement disposés complètent cet intérieur confortable. Votre vie privée est sacrée pour nous pendant votre séjour.

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Espace bien-être "Lenzenstuba"

Dans l'espace spacieux de bien-être "Lenzenstuba" vous trouvez un centre de beauté avec des salles de traitement, un bar à vitamines, une sauna-bio, un bain de vapeur, une cabine infrarouge, une sauna extérieure finlandais, notre salle de relaxation en pin et notre piscine intérieure.

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Amenez le corps et l'âme en harmonie

Le Ritzlerhof est un lieu de tolérance. Un lieu de force où le corps, l'esprit et l'âme peuvent trouver un nouvel équilibre. Ici, vous passez vos vacances sans enfants et trouvez nouvel équilibre intérieur dans un environnement alpin. Nous vous offrons une gamme variée d'ateliers de yoga, de méditations et de rencontres dans un lieu extraordinaire en Tyrol.

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Centre de conférences

Le lieu idéal pour votre événement - notre maison de séminaire "Dilla". Sur plus de 250 mètres carrés, nous vous proposons des salles modernes et exceptionnelles pour vos séminaires, réunions ou ateliers. Avec une vue magnifique sur les montagnes environnantes.

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Living in the moment and in tune with yourself

Enjoy the pleasurable feeling of relaxation in our spa and adult-only hotel Ritzlerhof

Immerse yourself. Relax. Feel the warmth. Live in the moment. Give your mind a chance to rest. With every breath. A place of retreat infused with light, with the impressive backdrop of the Ötztal Alps, which makes it easy for you to feel at ease. A place which gives you moments of tranquillity and happiness with a lasting effect. A pleasant place of regeneration for body and soul, a place of calm, space for your precious time-out. Experience the hint of soothing herbal essences and fresh mountain air, connect with the warming feeling of weightlessness and become one with the majestic mountains surrounding you. Our Ritzlerhof Spa Lenzenstuba welcomes you with open arms for a time of complete relaxation. This is the feeling of wellness at the “selfness” & adult-only hotel Ritzlerhof, your hiking hotel in Tyrol.


Just the way we like it

Gameza and Furmenta - in your Tyrolean hiking hotel typical regional cuisine meets delicacies from all around the world


Your personal time for well-being starts here with a fresh, delicious breakfast and pure enjoyment. Here you can round off your day with home-made treats, regional specialities and gourmet alpine highlights which keep up with the times. Here you can taste regional wines and celebrate life. With all your senses. With body and soul. With a certain something. Good food is quality of life, the finest flavours are a passion. Our hotel guests will find both, morning and evenings, in the Gameza restaurant in our hiking hotel in the Ötz Valley. Seasonal, regional and from the Ötz Valley. Fresh summer cuisine, which not only makes you hunger for more, but also for life.


À-la-carte-Restaurant "Furmenta"

Fresh. Creative. Versatile. Nature is our finest example. Taste and origin are our highest standards of quality. And this is exactly how we prepare our food. Only in this way can unique creations arise, which delight your palate and celebrate our love of the original and the genuine with all the senses. When traditional, hearty Ötz Valley cuisine confidently meets Mediterranean cucina italiana, a unique taste sensation is created. Homeland on a plate, served with a fresh pinch of bella italia and warm Tyrolean hospitality. All this is indulgence. A taste of the Ötz Valley in your hiking hotel in the Ötz Valley.



Ritzlerhof 1 · 6432 Sautens · Tyrol
Tel.: +43 5252 62680 · E-Mail: info@ritzlerhof.at

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