Via feratta in Ötztal over the raging waters of the Stuibenfall falls


Tyrol's largest and most beautiful waterfall, the Stuibenfall, plunges 159 exhilarating meters in depth. The clouds of spray that arise are the inspiration behind its name, reflecting a magical play of colours in the sun. One of the most popular via ferrata routes of the Ötztal meanders along its fall line.

Experience a natural spectacle

Do you feel the spray of water on your skin, how cooling and invigorating it is? Those following such tracks of nature are sure to find a gem of pure happiness there. Body, mind and soul swing in balance. The spray from the Stuibenfall is widely recognized for its beneficial effects on health, especially the lungs. Sufferers of sport asthma will see an up to a 58 % increase in lung function after only an hour at the waterfall over a period of two to three weeks.

New hiking trail

A new trail with steps boasts multiple viewing platforms and an 80-meter-long suspension bridge takes indulgence hikers and their four-legged friends past the thundering water masses. Guided lantern hikes to the illuminated waterfall take place regularly from the middle of June where a very special spectacle awaits you, just a few minutes’ drive from our Adult & Selfness Hotel Ritzlerhof.

Paradise for climbers

Sports enthusiasts can climb along the well-secured via ferrata up to the top of the water fall and dare to take a spectacular glance or two below into the depths. Hiking trail and climbing route come together at the uppermost lookout platform with views looking right across the valley. Even the most untrained among us can also get to experience this unique and exciting holiday treat. A true miracle of nature.


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