Yoga and active holidays in your wellness hotel in Ötztal


Mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body – this philosophy even dates back as far as the Romans. We support your health-oriented lifestyle here at the Hotel Ritzlerhof with deep conviction. Gather new energy and fresh vitality with our professional yoga workshops in a dreamy setting of nature and mountains.

Let new energies flow

With selected yoga and meditation workshops in our hotel we want to explore new ways of relaxation. The setting in which we at the Ritzlerhof go on a spiritual journey together, meditate and practice is marvelous. In the midst of the mountain world, surrounded by fragrant forests in a sunny clearing, far from the hustle and bustle, concentration on the essentials is a bit easier than elsewhere.

Dive in and enjoy active relaxation

Get yourself enjoyably wet: Activities such as swimming encourage intensive self-perception and sustainable well-being. Plunge into the hotel’s approx. 30°C heated indoor pool and gain more power and ease with each round you take. Experience the unique mountain scenery right up close in the solar heated outdoor pool with panoramic views over the Ötztal.

Body-specific yoga

Hatha yoga practices focus on body-templated practices, including innovations such as Power Yoga, Asthanga or Bikram Yoga. Kundalini Yoga relies on the awakening of the kundalini energy, the life energy.

Yoga without physical exercises

In yoga variants without physical exercises it is all about the pursuit of self-knowledge, inner peace and strength through breathing and meditation. For example, Yoga of Silence or Jnana Yoga.

Get fully active

Activities such as swimming and gentle fitness training encourage intensive self-awareness and sustainable well-being. Plunge into the hotel’s very own indoor swimming pool and gain more power and ease with each round you take. Body, mind and soul are brought straight back together into harmonious unity again in the fitness centre! You needn’t do away with your fitness program just because you’re on holiday. Two treadmills, a step machine, a vibration plate and two body-building stations are available for use. Each one with wonderful panoramic views overlooking the Ötztal Mountains.



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