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Let your thoughts run free and new ideas flow - make your business meeting a success. Whether meetings, incentives or conventions of all kinds – our TOP modern “Dilla” seminar centre (word for “loft” in Ötztal dialect) provides professionally equipped rooms in an inspiring environment for your event.

Our large and especially bright seminar room with 120 m2 working area and exposed roof truss has space for approx. 50 seminar guests and inspiring panoramic views of the mountains of the foot of the Ötztal.

There is also a smaller, fully equipped group room and a leisure room in addition to this large seminar room in the seminar centre. Seminar guests can enjoy a round of golf on a 3D simulator or experience new drive with a hot Carrera match during working breaks in this "adults playroom". For as Friedrich Schiller once said: “Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a man, and he is only a man when he plays.“

The break room can be found in the foyer of the seminar area with coffee machine, tea station and Grander water all freely available for the participants. A terrace for events is nestled outside next to the seminar centre overlooking the extensive 25,000 m2 nature park that surrounds our hotel in absolute tranquillity.


Seminarraum virtuell

Starten Sie eine virtuelle Tour durch unseren Seminarraum Dilla 1 - über 110m2 für Ihre Kreativität. Lassen Sie sich von der einmaligen Aussicht und von der Ruhelage der Seminarräumlichkeiten im Ritzlerhof begeistern.

360-Grad-Ansicht starten

Facts & figures about the seminar centre

  • Seminar room “Dilla 1” – approx. 120 m2 with
    exposed roof truss
  • Seminar/group room “Dilla 2” – approx. 35 m2
  • Seminar/group room “Männerspielzimmer” (Men’s playroom) – approx. 80 m2
  • “Ritzleralm” event room approx. 35 m2
  • Cutting edge seminar equipment
  • Air-conditioned rooms (”Dilla” seminar centre)
  • Private break area
  • Private sanitary area

In unserer Seminarbroschüre stellen wir Ihnen das Angebot und die Infrastruktur des Seminarhauses Dilla näher vor. Sehr gerne erstellen wir Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot innerhalb maximal 24 Std. - nutzen Sie dazu das untenstehende Anfrageformular. Wir freuen uns auf ein erfolgreiches Event in Ihrem Ritzlerhof.


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