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Vetpix - The partner for animal diagnostics and wellness treatment for animals:

Newly opened in 2018, the practice of animal diagnostics and wellness applications for animals specializes in the rapid and comprehensive creation of MRI and CT scans, physiotherapy and small animal massages. It is just a 5-minute drive from the Ritzlerhof to Ötztal-Bahnhof. As part of mutual cooperation, the Ritzlerhof guest and his companion benefit from professional and loving treatments.

Physiotherapy for dogs:

Joint diseases such as hip dysplasia (HD), spinal injuries, herniated discs, arthrosis, tendon problems, injuries such as cruciate ligament tears and fractures are not uncommon in dogs and small animals. This can lead to pain and neurological deficits. Small animal physiotherapy can promote rehabilitation - even after surgery - quickly and effectively.

Treatments and costs:

  • Physiotherapeutic initial examination without medical findings, collection of anamnesis data, gait analysis, tactile findings, including feed, posture and movement information - € 55, -
  • Physiotherapy with massage and optional laser therapy, active and passive exercise training, electrotherapy, cold and heat application - € 45, -

Water therapy for dogs:

Water therapy for dogs is an integral part of modern dog physiotherapy and enables excellent treatment results in a short time.

Treatments and costs:

Hydrotraining with preparation and massage - € 45, -

Wellness for dogs:

It is natural for humans to be pampered on holiday with a massage treatment. Treat this soothing experience to your four-legged friend as well. The massage relieves tension in the musculoskeletal system.

Treatments and costs:

Massage as a wellness or sports package - € 45, -

Transport to vetpix:

We are happy to organize the transport of your dog to Vetpix and pick it up again after the wellness massage / treatment. In the meantime, treat yourself to a spa treatment in our SPA area.


Transport to Vetpix - pick up after treatment - € 39.-

Please note that such appointments must be booked early at Vetpix.


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