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Winter away from the piste

Silence, snow and crisp winter air. Time to pause and reflect away from the piste. The landscape takes on a fairytale appearance when the Piburger See freezes over in winter. You can experience even more magical moments while on a winter hike or when snowshoeing. And if you want to explore the area on skis away from the pistes, you can also choose from many ski tours Ötztal. Cross-country skiers can glide through the valley on 143 km of trails. One of the most beautiful trails is located directly here at the entrance to Ötztal: the 3 km circular trail near Haiming-Ochsengarten. And when tobogganing, you will shout for joy as the toboggan shoots through the Tyrolean snow.

Winter hiking in Ötztal - Panoramic location for hiking

Panoramic location for hiking

Winter hiking in Ötztal

There are 250 kilometres of signposted and prepared hiking trails in Ötztal. Forest tracks, hiking trails, paths in the valley ... The natural surroundings of Ötztal create a dream-like atmosphere in winter.

Start hiking directly from the Hotel Ritzlerhof in your winter holiday to make the most of the calm winter surroundings. Wrap yourself up warm and experience the Piburger See in its wintry beauty. Or enjoy the “3-church” or “Medinger-Weg” circular hikes.

We will gladly provide you with further information in the hotel as well as other tour suggestions for winter hikes in the lower Ötztal.

Snowshoeing in Ötztal - Snowshoe experience

Snowshoeing in Ötztal

Snowshoe experience

Make new tracks in the snow. Out into the deep snow where no-one has been before. Step-by-step through the Ötztaler winter wonderland. A popular tour goes to the Faltegartenköpfl from the Sattele car park and via Marlstein. The return leg of the 9 km tour is via the Feldringalm.

During your winter holiday you can also take part in guided snowshoe hikes led by guides from Ötztal Nature Park, e.g. a moonlight tour around Ochsengarten. These tours are free of charge for guests staying at the Ritzlerhof, a partner hotel of Ötztal Nature Park. Rental costs for equipment €5

Ski tours in Ötztal - In deep snow with touring skis

In deep snow with touring skis

Ski tours in Ötztal

There are many popular ski tours in upper Ötztal. But we can also recommend deep-snow tours in the lower valley area.

  • Ski tour to the Wetterkreuz (approx. 2.5 h): From the Issbrücke car park via Obere Issalm and the Knapphaus into Wörgetal and on to the summit of the Wetterkreuzkogel at 2,591 m. From here, you can admire the view of the Acherkogel, Sulzkogel and Hintere Karlesspitze.
  • Ski tour to the Pirchkogel (approx. 3 h): 4 km long tour from Marlstein (above Ochsengarten) via Schafjoch to the summit cross on the Pirchkogel. The tour offers impressive views of the Inntal and the mountain peaks in the lower Ötztal.
  • Ski tour to the Faltegartenköpfl (approx. 2 h): From Ochsengarten-Sattele via the Feldringalm and Feldringer Böden up to the Faltegartenköpfl. This is an easy tour, but still offers plenty of beautiful panoramic views.

Please always pay attention to avalanche warnings or go on a ski tour with certified mountain guides.

Ski tour rules on skiing & ski holiday information

Tobogganing in the lower ötztal - Fun in the snow

Tobogganing in the lower ötztal

Fun in the snow

Tobogganing in Ötztal is authentic and plenty of fun.

  • The toboggan run from Piburg to Piburger See has a length of 0.5 km and is set in beautiful surroundings. It is even open until 9 pm – toboggans can be hired from the Gasthaus Piburger See.
  • In Sautens there is a 1.5 km natural toboggan run starting above the church. Tobogganing is also possible here at night.
  • Park at Sattele above Ochsengarten and walk to the Feldringalm. Starting from an altitude of 1,888 m, the natural toboggan run takes you back to Ochsengarten-Sattele – 2 km of exciting fun on a two-seater sledge.

The toboggan runs are open when there is sufficient snow.

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